EXPOSED: 4X4 STOLE Atongo Beat From A Popular Music Group In Ivory Coast? – Listen To Both Versions

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After weeks of investigation, evidences picked by seems to implicate Ghana’s award winning music group, 4×4, for stealing the beat of their banger track, ‘Atongo,’ from a very popular music group in Ivory Coast by name, Tour 2 Garde.

Background Of Both Songs

For the first time, 4×4, made up of Coded, Captain Planet, and Fresh Prince, decided to drift from their usual Hiplife/Hip-hop beat plus the swag they wear along with their works by shocking all with a new banger track titled ‘Atongo’ and a music video respectively.

atongo- 4 x 4‘Atongo,’ succinctly, talks about a man (Atongo/Atia) asking his female partner (Hajia) to submit herself to him so he can ‘have his way.’ Atongo makes his plea in a rather hilarious way, with a somewhat thick Northern accent. The track features Bright of Buk Bak fame. The beat of the song is duly credited to award-winning producer, Mix Master Garzy.





‘Sheguey’ is a French word that means “brother of the street or from the street.” The song is an up-tempo record that calls for gaga wiggling of one’s lower part (typical of Ivorian songs).

It is a successful hit song in Ivory Coast. Tour 2 Garde is an Ivorian music group composed of Kone Adama Diarra, aka Jimmy James, and Arthur Koya, aka Thura. They sing largely in French.



Release Dates Of Both Songs

Extensive research by on several websites and blogs that released or published 4×4’s ‘Atongo’ (audio version) indicates July, 2016, as the official period of release. however noted that Tour 2 Garde released ‘Sheguey’ (audio version) on 25th May, 2016.

A quick check from YouTube shows that 4×4 uploaded the music video of ‘Atongo’ in August, 2016 whilst Tour 2 Garde uploaded theirs on 18th June, 2016 – uploaded by tour2gardetv. Another quick check from their official Facebook page shows them announce (in French but translated as), “Available on May 23th on ITunes and 25 on YouTube the family” – complemented with an art work of ‘Sheguey.’

Now Listen To Both Songs

We now leave you to cock your ears and listen to both songs – ‘Sheguey’ and ‘Atongo.’ Who stole from whom or which of the two music groups killed it?


Artworks For Both Songs

We also furnish you the artworks both music groups designed for their respective songs.

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Reactions From Tour 2 Garde officially contacted management of Tour 2 Garde and according to them, they never knew of 4×4’s ‘Atongo’ beat. Hello, we didn’t know this sound before they responded. They again emailed us and stated, “Hi Osarfo. It is our first time this music and we didn’t know the group called 4×4 before. Thanks you.”

Keep reading as we shall be bringing you the side of 4×4 and Mix Master Garzy on this story. Stick and stay with