Fancy Gadam Will Make All The Noise In Ghana But Won’t Go Anywhere – Blakk Rasta Explains Why

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Popular radio broadcaster, poet, and musician of Northern descent, Blakk Rasta, has explained that promising Northern artiste, Fancy Gadam, will forever remain a ‘local champion’ if the latter fails to merge the culture of the Northern into his style of music.

According to Blakk Rasta, Fancy Gadam is doing well and he appreciates the ‘Total Cheat’ hitmaker’s strides thus far, but, the kind of songs Fancy produce won’t take him anywhere.

He added that he’s not hating on the young artiste but giving him the best advice that will help him go far in his chosen profession.

“The North has a lot of good music that Fancy Gadam can ride on to pick ideas from. Namely, Takai, Damba, Gonja, etc. So, Fancy Gadam has to infuse the various cultural elements in the North into his music. But what he’s currently doing won’t take him anywhere. He will only make all the noise in Ghana but he won’t go anywhere!”

Blakk Rasta revealed this in an interview with SVTV Africa. Watch full interview below: