Fearless Wiyaala Vows Not To Talk About Ghana Music Anymore – The Kitchen Is Becoming Too Heated For Her

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Though fearless and audacious, multiple award winning musician, Noella Wiyaala, has disclosed openly that she has decided not to comment on issues in the Ghana music industry anymore, especially Ghana Music Awards.


Perhaps, her decision comes on the back of a comment she passed on Ghana Music Awards christened VGMA, stating that, “it has become a one sided affair where those you know above always keep you in the game. It’s like your mother being in the kitchen, I mean, you will never go hungry but it shouldn’t be that way.”

Wiyaala says the treatment given to female artistes by the VGMA Board is uncalled for. She feels rating the men over them is an act which must be condemned for the males are described as the frogs better than the females who are the birds and this according to her makes the award scheme no longer attractive with most musicians losing interest in it.

With these incidents, the singer does not want to be regarded as a Ghanaian artiste any longer looking at how things are managed in the industry.

After her comments, the bashing came, the intimidation caught her fears – so Wiyaala coolly toke to her official page and announced her decision to shut up and mind her own business. Read below (Unedited):

“Hi everyone. Just like politics and Religious stuff i refuse to talk about, I won’t be talking about the GHANA MUSIC INDUSTRY anymore, especially the VGMA’S. I have said enough of what I think. Just want to mind my own business. #respect!! to everyone. #music ? ?

In other news, Wiyaala is expected to give a speech as one of the guest speakers at the Impact Music Conference, which is being held in Accra, Ghana, on April 26 and 27. The conference is part of The International Music Council (UNESCO) and its African Music Development Programme (AMDP).

This major initiative aims to enhance the music sector in Africa through a series of targeted actions including professional capacity development, job creation and skills transfer in twelve countries in partnership with music festivals, universities, and cultural associations.