Former Comedian David Oscar Warns Ghanaians On WHO’s ‘Experiment’ Malaria Vaccine – Explains Why

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Former comedian turned musician, Davis Oscar, has warned Ghanaians to be wary of a nationwide malaria vaccination initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO).

A nationwide malaria vaccination rolled out by the WHO, is about to see the light of the day in Ghana. The move, which comes as hope to most Ghanaians in the fight against malaria due to the increasing rate at which malaria kills people in the country, has been shot down by comedian-now-turned musician, David Oscar.

According to Oscar, the ostensible picture of the WHO initiative, is to help in the fight against malaria but the real intention is that, the latter is actually doing an ‘experiment’ with the health of Ghanaians (and Africans at large).

David avers:

“Don’t allow your child to be injected with that malaria vaccine those people have dumped on us…. I cannot fathom why of all places on this continent, your leaders in this Ghana will choose to allow such an experiment (Vaccines not tested on humans before) to be conducted on their own people and in their own country …. my wild guess tells me unless they are benefiting from it. (They don’t really care about us).”

David also asserts that, in places where the WHO does its experiment with vaccines on people’s health, the latter pays the volunteers/respondents.

“In these same places where these vaccines are brought from, people who willingly turn up for such experiments get compensated (monetarily) to have such vaccines tested on them, and in the event of any uncertainty, their system is matured enough to rectify such …. is our system here that matured? Nope!

“Will you be getting paid to be injected or have your kid(s) injected? I doubt you even know that arrangement exist …. Nope! (mo mpanyinfour no beky3 de3 ewomu biaa afa)

Parents, beware, they will sneak these vaccines to schools and try to inject your kids on your blind side et all. Be on the look out … and pls oo … try and pass on this info on to your folks in the hinterlands, they may not be as well read and informed as you …” 

On the other hand, esteemed health practitioner and Global Peace Ambassador at Global Peace Chain, Mr. Patrick Fynn, believes those against the WHO initiative, are mere ignoramuses spreading conspiracy theories to throw dust into the public’s eyes.

He opined:

Malaria has claimed so many lives (probably about to kill you too). Finally, the W.H.O is rolling out a vaccine, and because you have internet and an opinion, you chastise the initiative and spread conspiracy theories around it.

Do you have a better alternative? Are you a public health expert? Are you more knowledgeable than the Ministry of Health? Do you know the pharmacology of vaccines?

Where do you expect them to pilot the program? India or Guantanamo? You think Asians and Europeans need a malaria vaccine? Do you know the prevalence rate of malaria in Ghana, Kenya and the whole of Africa?

You say vaccines are deadly, but you don’t even know before your first birthday you had already taken at least 15 shots! Are you ashamed now?

With an opinion from a health practitioner and a musician, we leave the judgement to the public.