Former Hiplife Musician, C-Zar Condemns Poor Celebrities Who Beg For Financial Support In The Media

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Erstwhile Hiplife artiste, C-Zar, who announced not long ago, his decision of having quit music business to concentrate on electronics business, has descended hard on poor celebrities who come public to beg for financial assistance.

C-zar’s concern is no news, as we wake up from time to time to hear and read on celebrities, usually, retired and old ones, come out to beg for alms to enable them put soul and body together. Though it’s a pathetic development, that is the bitter situation we find ourselves in in the creative arts industry.

The mortifying trend has caused the ‘Araba Lawson’ hitmaker, who is worried and chagrined, to condemn such celebrities. C-Zar is actually befuddled, because, some of these celebs, were A-list, esteemed, and believed to be rich in their prime.

“Why do some celebrities always ask for help when they are sick? I seriously don’t get it. When they were in their peak they made it beautiful in the sight of people that everything is well and perfect” C-zar asserted.

The former musician, continued: “It’s about high time you swallow your pride and find something to do if you know are poor and not getting any income from your popularity. The disgrace is becoming too rampant, today this, tomorrow that.”

According to C-zar, it’s not the responsibility of society to meet the financial needs of celebrities, because, some of them, did not give back to society when they were racking in huge incomes from their talents.

“Asking money from the public as if it’s their obligation to do so. What did you give them when you were raising your shoulders as if you were king of kings in Ghana, stop this nuisance we tired of your begging behaviors.”