Meet Owner/Managing Editor

Osarfo Anthony is a Ghanaian Arts/Entertainment Writer, Screenwriter, and Content Developer. He is the Owner/Managing Editor of

Highly opinionated Osarfo has over 10 years of experience as an Art/Entertainment Writer in print and online publication – having worked with: 98 News (Content Manager), Flex Newspaper (as Columnist/Administrator), Razz Newspaper (Deputy Editor), Exclusive Men’s Magazine (Deputy Editor), (Staff Writer), (Editor), (Staff Writer), and others.

His write-ups have got unique anesthesia that mostly goads intellectual discourse! Osarfo has served (and continues to serve) as an Entertainment Analyst/Critic on radio/TV entertainment programs on mediums such as: Adom FM, Peace FM, Hitz FM, Channel R, Neat FM, Radio XYZ, Vision FM, Meridian FM, Top Radio, Happy FM, Adom TV, Homebase TV, and others.

Osarfo is not just a writer, but an art advocate and thus pushes certain art-related agendas with his write-ups. He has had the rare privilege of having been offered a press accreditation to cover the deluxe film festival, Cannes Films Festival (65th Cannes Film Festival in 2012 and 2013, France), and Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards (GIAMA 2013 – USA).

In 2015, he was nominated for the first edition of GN Bank ‘People’s Choice Awards’ in the category of ‘Entertainment Journalist/Writer’ – but he was not enthused at his nomination due to ideological differences with the scheme – thus, TEXT and WIN!

He’s argumentative, open and independent-minded, analytical, humorous, philosophical, and highly inquisitive. He believes in straight-from-the-shoulder critiques and welcomes any that comes his way anytime, any day, anywhere!

Osarfo is currently a partly Chartered Accountant and a Member of the Chartered Institutes of Accountants Ghana (ICAG) – but has a strong desire of studying Law or becoming a Lawyer to defend innocent people with minority rights in Africa through ‘lawyering’ and blogging.

He says of his writing nose: “I write with the precision of an engineer and the depth of a sage.”