Friends Of Popular White Philanthropist, Michelle McGowan, Delete Her On Facebook For Defending Gay Rights In Ghana

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A Ghanaian old student of Achimota School, Stephen Anertey Caesar, a gay, tied the knot with his white gay partner, Ryan Lathrum, in Canada last weekend.


Though homosexuality is an entrenched se.xual orientation in Ghana (Africa), many Ghanaians lour it – as well as the laws of the nation. Due to this, social media was flooded with thick shock over the news – with some threatening Stephen Anertey Caesar never to step foot into Ghana or risk his life for being gay and marrying a gay.

Michelle McGowan, popularly known in Ghana for her humanitarian works – memorable one being her support for 3 children who suffered a strange skin disease which became known as ‘alligator kids’ at Jirapa in the Upper West region, has taken a bite on the Ghanaian gay marriage news – which to her, should not be considered news.

Alligator kids

She posted on her official Facebook handle:

“Homosexuality is nothing new. For some reason a gay Ghanaian man has married his white partner, and it’s suddenly a huge problem for most of my Ghanaian friends. Even the mother supporting her son’s happiness is paining you.

“You’re all busying yourselves with posts criticizing, ridiculing and shaming the gent as though it is affecting your daily lives somehow. Seriously out of all the horrible, evil and sad events happening in the world today…. this one gay guy is the only matter you see fit to howl about? Smh….I beg. Chop your house matter.”

Twenty four (24) hours later, she disclosed on her wall that 11 Facebook friends of hers, have deleted her from their friend list:

“11 people have deleted me since my post about the gay Ghanaian dude. I think I should post something more offensive to save time and energy to cull my friend list. I’ve been needing to clean out but I get exhausted..”

Checks on those who commented beneath her post, had those for and against her stand. Almost all who disagreed, are Ghanaians. However, unflustered Michelle McGowan, who resides in USA, revealed that she is coming back to Ghana to continue her passion – charity works. She announced:

“Today is my first day back online in some few weeks. My newsfeed is flooded with bad news and the most annoying konkonsa (gossip). I have to say during these few weeks I haven’t missed FB.

“I have been working my tail off preparing for an impending charity trip to Ghana and I come back online to see nothing good and people posting needless, harmful gossip like they don’t have jobs or anything fruitful occupying their time. Maybe I should get off FB for good….

“My sweetheart (Seth Walker) told me “Gossip has no place in Heaven.” He’s normally a non-serious apoka head but today he gave me the soundest advice, and he’s so right. “Don’t waste your precious time listening to or reading trash. Occupy your time and space with inspiring people and things. Surround yourself with people who encourage and lift you up.”

“Delete mode activated.”