“Galamseyers And Assemblyman Planned Captain Mahama’s Death” – Native Of The Village Narrates

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A native of Denkyira-Obuasi in the Central Region called Kojo Duku is alleging that the murder of Captain Maxwell Mahama was a long time plan hatched by the galamseyers and the Assembly man of the area to eliminate him.

According to Kojo Duku, the galamseyers and the Assembly man felt threatened as the lynched Captain had come to stop them from their galamsey operations and so they decided to label him as an armed robber in order to get support from the residents to carry out their heinous crime.

Speaking on Neat FM’s ‘Ghana Mo Ntie’ Morning Show, Kojo Duku revealed that the illegal miners and the Assemblyman had planned to kill him a long time ago and so they ambushed him with the help of a woman who was positioned on the road where Captain Mahama always jog.

“They intentionally plant the woman on the road to shout out that he is an armed robber and they beat him to death. It is not true that they killed because they suspected him to be an armed robber; they planned to end his life and those behind the plan are the galamseyers and the Assembly man,” he narrated.

When asked to prove his claim, Kojo Duku insisted he was in Denkyira-Obuasi three days ago and with the help of his sister who is still in town, he has been briefed well enough to know how Captain Mahama’s life was sniffed out.

However, he said his uncle who is the chief of the town has been forced out as well as the queen mother killed, and also the police station of the town was burnt overnight by the galamseyers sometime ago because the presence of the police was a threat to their operations in the area.

“There is no law in the town and everybody does whatever they want. There is no chief, queen mother and police station in the town. The Assemblyman gave the order for them to kill Captain Mahama,” he asserted.

He narrated again that “The military officer gave a warning shot and said he is an officer but that angered the galamseyers saying they have been looking for him.”