IN GHANA: Police Saves Suspected Lesbians From Being Lynched

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The timely intervention of armed police personnel from Tafo Divisional Command in Kumasi, saved two suspected lesbians from being lynched by some angry youth in the area on Monday night.

Police disclosed that the youth upon a tipoff stormed a house in the area where the two ladies in their 20s were suspected to be engaging in lesbianism.

“The youth in their numbers without evidence wanted to lynch them even with our presence”, Tafo Divisional Police Command, Superintendent David Amoako confirmed.

“The aggrieved youth threw a stone at us and as a result, one officer was injured”, the Police Chief told the host of Nhyira FM morning show host, Aduanaba Kofi Asante Ennin Tuesday morning.

Superintendent David Amoako, however, ruled out the fact the irate youth in the area have gained notoriety in rowdyism which is making Tafo a flashpoint.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights in Ghana are heavily suppressed. Physical and violent homophobic attacks against LGBT people are common, often alleged to be encouraged by the media, religious and political leaders.

Reports of young gay people being kicked out of their homes are also common. Despite the Constitution guaranteeing a right to freedom of speech, of expression and of the assembly to Ghanaian citizens, these fundamental rights are actively denied to LGBT people.