Ghana Spends GHC 15.6 Million On Salaries of Council Of State – Scholars Think It’s A Waste Of State Money

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Ghana spends 15.6 million on salaries of members of Council of State – an amount some scholars in the country feel is counter-productive, considering their work to the people of Ghana.

Lawyer and Vice-President of IMANI Ghana, Kofi B. Bentil, is one of such people who has continuously argued that the Council of State must be scrapped because their role is not of much importance to the nation.

lawyer Kofi B. Bentil

“If the council of state has no chance of becoming a second chamber whose advice is binding, it should be scrapped. It is too expensive and not as useful. I don’t see how this reform can happen to make it a second chamber. Even if this do able, we still need to scrap this one and create the second chamber. So whichever way we look at it, we need a second chamber not a council of state” Mr. Bentil opined.

A private legal practitioner Mr. Daniel Sagu Osei, is also loud on the subject – giving the ordinary Ghanaian figures to back his claims of the waste the state is making by maintain the Council of State. “If we abolished the council of state, the savings on their salaries alone for just one year, can build enough schools to remove all schools under trees” lawyer Daniel Sagu Osei argued.

“It costs the Ghanaian taxpayer the sum of GHC320, 000 a month to fund the salaries of the 25 members of the Council” he disclosed. This, he said “amounts to GHC15.6 million a year which could have been used to construct 80 sets of three-unit classroom block across the country.”

So here we are – today, we at also seek your thoughts: Should the Council of State be scrapped? If yes, why, and if no, why? Share your thoughts below: