Ghanaian Actress Angry At The Showing Of Kumkum Bhagya, Simply Maria, Others On GH TV Channels

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Ghanaian actress, Beverly Afaglo, has condemned the high inflow and showing of foreign telenovelas on Ghanaian TV channels and thinks it’s time as a people of arts, we discontinue the phenomenon.

Speaking on Hitz FM’s “Showbiz This Week” entertainment show, she agreed that Ghanaian movies are not selling as hot as they were some years back – but it’s due to seasons and times changes so to her, it’s normal.

Expanding the subject on Ghana’s movie industry, she expressed her disappointment at the high rate at which Ghanaian TV stations show foreign telenovelas on their channels. She believes the TV stations should show more local contents.

Seething with anger, she posited, “The TV stations and the likes are not helping the industry as well. I wish there will be a law which will direct TV stations to show 70% of local contents just to help the local movie industry. What we see now is the other way round.


“Every station is showing telenovela or Indian series for their viewers. If TV stations decide to put our projects on TV, then we will go far and it will even bring the producers back to work because they will know that the work is lucrative again.

“If we bring a job and they charge huge amount before they show it and we cannot afford it, they will run away. But you take telenovelas and put them on your TV and hype it to the maximum point that sponsors come on board. Why can’t you do same for our TV series and make sure sponsors come on board?”

She continued, “Most of the telenovelas we watch on TV have same scenes recycled for different episodes but the TV stations spend 30 minutes for discussion of something that has been shot like 5 to 10 years ago. They make it look interesting and it looks like it is better than what we do here in Ghana” boiling Beverly Afaglo told the host of the programme, MzGee.

Less than 5 years now, almost all Ghanaian TV channels have been inundated with foreign telenovelas such as Kumkum Bhagya, Simply Maria, Marie Cruz (wild at heart), La Gata, La Patrona, Daniella, Unforgivable, What Life Took from Me, Shadows of the Past, and others. Though many art pundits and a section of the public think it’s time to watch our own telenovelas and stop patronizing these foreign ones, that is yet to happen.