Ghanaian Actress Khareema Aguiar Challenges Those Attacking Samira Bawumia If They Have Never Had Seks Before Marriage

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Actress Khareema Aguiar

Celebrated Ghanaian actress, Khareema Aguiar, has added her voice to the ongoing discussion on the relative ‘bad’ dress the wife of the Vice President of Ghana, Samira Bawumia wore to the Ghana @ 60 celebration on 6th March, 2017.

Actress Khareema Aguiar

The ever reserved actress who could not hold herself from the ongoing discussion, resorted to her Facebook wall and shot (unedited).

Actress Khareema Aguiar

“Shout out to all my Muslim friends who wouldn’t take alcohol or eat pork bcos it’s a taboo but yet still have sex bfr marriage…u are da ones having issues with mrs Bawumias look,,,pls let’s be real nd da fact dat u can’t be like someone doesn’t mean u shd hate,dats witchcraft”

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