Ghanaian Actress Says It’s None Of Your Business She Gave Birth Outside Marriage – “It Has Happened” She Says

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On 1st Dec, 2016, Presspeep.com published an article in which we asked whether the increasing rate at which our celebrities are giving birth outside marriage is a big deal or not. We mentioned names of some celebs who have given birth outside marriage and received some interesting feedback – with the post, reaching over 40,000 people on Facebook.

Read it below:

Promising Ghanaian actress, Jasmine Baroudi, who has given birth outside wedlock. Nn an interview with Joy News on the same subject Presspeep.com raised, she asserts that she is unperturbed about the situation and has developed an indifferent attitude towards critics and their wagging mouths.

“At the end of the day, the people out there don’t know my story. Whether I had a child out of wedlock or not, it’s none of their business. They don’t know why it happened…it has happened…I have a beautiful daughter out of it,” she said.

Miss Baroudi in February last year had a baby girl with her personal fitness trainer fiancé, Williams Ofori Attah.

Her fiancé, William Ofori Attah, was last year reported by Ghanacelelebrities.com to have sent a number of nude pictures to his ex-girlfriend (who made those pictures available to the site for publication).

Reacting to that, Miss Baroudi posed nonchalant at that report. “I didn’t think it was relevant (to react), I didn’t think I had to go out there and explain myself to them,” she said.

For the actress, the most important thing was the fact that her fiancé had clarified that he had sent those pictures to a lady he was flirting with way before he met her (Jasmine). She hinted of a wedding very soon – despite everything and is enjoying motherhood.