Ghanaian Actress Tells Her Fans Not To See Her As A Role Model – She Has Her Own Weird Philosophies

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Ghana-based Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle, has advised her fans not to see her as a role model.

Though many youth see celebrities as their role models or look up to them, this outspoken actress thinks her teeming fans should wash such orientation out of their minds, because, she’s only on this earth to finish up with her talent, make money, and have fun doing what she was born to do.

She posted – and was duly captured by Presspeep.com:

“Please, I’m not a “Role Model”… I’m here to f*** ish up with my talent….. I am in an industry where you have to express yourself the best way you know how….. I’m here to make money and have fun doing what I was born to do”, she wrote.

The actress known for her curves and extremely thin waist announced to her fans to get ready with their timelines being filled with “bikini” photos and memorable moments of her.

“…So get used to 2017 being filled with “bikini” photos and memorable moments of me”, she added.

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