Ghanaian Afropop Rocker, Elivava, Meets Ameton Katrine Suwalski In Europe Tour – – Starting Tomorrow June 22 – Making GH Proud Again

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Ghana’s celebrated Afro pop Afro jazz sensation, Tina Mensah, better known as Elivava the African Gold, is leading the Ameton trio from Ghana to play alongside renowned jazz group, Another World Quartet on a tour in Europe starting June 22, 2017.

The tour, dubbed “Ameton meets Another World 2017”, promises to treat jazz lovers and patrons of African music to once-in-a-lifetime experience of authentic, unadulterated, soft-soothing and soul-searching classicals with traces of Ghanaian music influences.

“Ameton meets Another World 2017”, is the continuation of an earlier collaboration of musical projects in Ghana, Denmark and Scotland. This initiative was conceived when the Creative Director of Ha Orchestra and researcher at Glasgow University, Mr. Gameli Tordzro made a documentary titled “Music Across Borders” about Danish musician/composer and leader of Another World Quartet, Katrine Suwalski’s distinctive fusion of jazz and West African influences and her collaborations with Ghanaian musicians.


Members of the Ameton trio, Elivava (who will be on vocals and dance); Dela Botri, (who will be on the Bamboo flute (Atentenben) and percussion); and Odomankoma Kyerema Pra, (who will also be on Percussion) will meet and play with these phenomenal members of Another World Quartet, Katrine Suwalski, leader of the band (will be on the Saxophone), Marie Schmidt (will be on the Piano), Morten Lundsby (will be on Bass) and Ayi Solomon (on Percussion).


Fri  7 july 18-19 World Scene Platform – Cafe Cadeaux,

Sat 8 July Gentofte Library: 14-15.30 – World Quartet Family Concert (outdoor)

Sun 9 July, 21-23.30, Paradise Jazzclub Cph

Wed 12 July 19-20, World Scene Platform, Husets Teater,

Thu 13 July 11-12, Cph Jazzfestival

Family Concert (outdoor)