Ghanaian Artist Prince Kojo-Hilton Lectures On ‘Production Design’ At ‘Africa Cinematography Festival’ 2017

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Multiple-award winning Ghanaian artist, Prince Kojo-Hilton, was one of the Guest Lecturers for this year’s ‘Africa Cinematography Festival’ (ACF) held in Lagos, Nigeria.

Prince, whose creative abilities spans on Production Design, Special Effects, Set Design, Model Making, Graphic Design, Painting, and Art Direction, lectured on ‘Production Design’ at University of Lagos, Nigeria (UNILAG) – Department of Creative Arts and Mass Communication.

From technical eye, Prince said the “Production designers are responsible for the physical environment, the sets, and locations. They oversee the work of the costume designer, and hair and makeup design. They are responsible for the selection, creation, and construction of the sets, locations, and environments for a movie.”

He added that, “Production designers are physically responsible to the producer for the design and construction of the sets. They are artistically responsible to the director and to the creative potential of the screenplay.” He lectured for two days, 6th – 7th November, 2017.

Africa Cinematography Festival (ACF), the first of its kind in Africa, is designed to bridge the knowledge gap which has negatively affected all aspects of the film making and entertainment industry through training, production enhancement workshop, networking, film market, film and technology expo in the last quarter of 2017 in Lagos.

Ending, he urged and also challenged the participants, to nurture their talents and horn their skills through constant practice for excellence.

“Constant study and commitment to craft will allow you to grow as visual storytellers. Apply what you have learned here and from the examples of others to your personal work as a filmmaker. Good luck and forever remain a student of motion picture art. God bless you” he said.

Prince Kojo-Hilton gave props to some of Nollywood’s esteemed filmmakers. “We thank God for African legends in the likes of Stanley Ohikuare, Ifeanyichukwu Onyeabo doing marvelously great in the art of telling their stories” – as well as met notable filmmakers like; Frank Adekunle Macaulay, Akin Lewis, and Teco Benson.

Prince Kojo-Hilton and Frank Adekunle Macaulay
Prince Kojo-Hilton and Akin Lewis
Prince Kojo-Hilton and Teco Benson

Sharing one of the memorable things that happened, Prince Kojo-Hilton said, “On Tuesday my lecture was so interesting that after the class, there was so much excitement and showing their gratitude of being in my class. One of my students from Cameron, walked to me and said ‘I have a surprise for you Sir’ and this is what she presented to me.”

The guest presented a very nice and expensive Cameroonian traditional fabric dress to Prince.