Ghanaian Celebrities Increasingly Giving Birth Outside Marriage – Is It A Big Deal At All?

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Celebrities or stars are human beings just like any created humans. The differences between them and the ‘ordinary’ are that, they are: celebrated/more esteemed, famous or popular, considered more as role models, more appealing, highly  influential/ well connected, and mostly, richer.

They are humans who must obey and respect the norms, cultures, traditions, laws, belief-systems, systems and structures of whichever jurisdiction they live or find themselves in. One of such traditions is marriage –a revered cultural institution in African.

Getting pregnant or giving birth before marriage is something Africans, per tradition and culture, abhor. Many years ago, anyone who gave birth outside marriage was either severely punished or ostracized. Giving birth outside marriage was considered a big ignominy on a family.

Though we now live in a ‘free-world’, we still live within our cultures. Ghanaians are witnesses to a number of celebrities who have given birth outside marriage – and it appears this orientation increases by the day. Presspeep.com brings you names of some notable Ghanaian celebrities – focus on showbiz personalities, who have given birth outside wedlock:


Award winning presenter, Nana Aba Anamoah, has a 15 year old son. On record, Nana Aba Anamoah has never been married and is still not married. According to her, she had her son after secondary school when she was 20 years – unfortunately, the father of the child did not take responsibility for the child so for more than 13 years, she has never spoken or had any contact with the man.

Broadcaster Nana Aba Anamoah

Try disdaining or trolling her for being a ‘born-one’ (a term used to describe an unmarried woman who has a child) and she will tell you, “I’m a born-one and proud of it.”

Handsome Ghanaian actor/MC, Chris Attoh, who was suppose to have been concentrating on his acting and lines in his script, broke his boundaries by stealing glances at Nigerian actress Damilola Adegbite on their Tinsel set. The result? Chris impregnated Damilola Adegbite. Even before Chris married her, there were pictures of Damilola with her baby bump all over the internet.

Actor Chris Attoh

Sultry Hiplife musician, Mzbel, has not married before, still not married, wondering if she should marry, and may never marry, also got pregnant and gave birth—out of wedlock. She too, before giving birth, uploaded pictures of her baby bump to the whole world – as if to say, ‘See me. The queen of fornicators.’

Musician Mzbel

Dancehall musician, Shatta Wale, after smoking ‘something’ he stopped 3 years ago, started bonking his girlfriend Shatta Michy when she was only 17 years. He impregnated her outside marriage, made her give birth, and circulated pictures of it to the whole world.

Dancehall Artist Shatta Wale

Award-winning Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari, who has never married before and still not married, has given birth to a twin for an anonymous father. Nadia has been reported by some online portals to have given birth to a daughter whom she bore during her days in secondary school– and so if that holds true, it means she is a mother of three – outside marriage, no man to show for it!

Actress Nadia Buari

Multiple local and international award winning musician, Sarkodie – after years of drinking ‘Agya Appiah’s waist and power bitters, was first rumoured to have impregnated his long dated girlfriend, Tracy. Later, it turned out to be true – the lady gave birth, but, outside marriage.

Rapper Sarkodie

Having produced a movie titled ‘Scorned’ in which a woman who toiled with an man for years to build their union, ended up being scorned, no one would have ever thought award winning filmmaker, Shirley Frimpong-Manson, would allow any man born of a woman to trample upon her pride – unfortunately, Shirley too fell victim as she girth birth outside marriage with her own Director of Photography through the science of work and happiness!

Filmmaker Shirley Frimpong-Manson

TV host and model, Caroline Sampson, got pregnant and gave birth to a man who had never asked of the price of a marriage ring before and for that matter, had not marriage on his mind. Caroline, is now a born one – out of marriage. According to her, the man wished to come back but the door is forever closed.

Broadcaster/Model Caroline Sampson

In recent times, notable Celebes who have also given birth outside wedlock that caught our attention are: Khareema Aguiar – for her 2 children outside marriage, Vicky Zugah, and Bibi Bright – a 9 year old child. Many others are surely expected to join the chorus!

Is this development a big deal? It depends on which school of thought you belong. Celebrity counselor, George Lutterodt, reacting to Sarkodie impregnating his girlfriend Tracy outside marriage, opined: “Sarkodie should be surcharged for fooling Tracy.”

He topped it up, “Kwasia Buo Sika” is explained as a fee a man who has impregnated a lady he has not yet married is made to pay in the course of performing her marriage rites.This money is taken from the man because it is assumed in tradition that the man has made a fool out of the lady by impregnating her before marriage.”

What has caught the interest and attention of Presspepp.com to write on this subject is an exchange that has taken place between broadcaster Nana Aba Anamoah and one of her followers on Twitter. See below what transpired:


So today, Presspeep.com is asking YOU a simple question – Ghanaian celebrities increasingly giving birth outside marriage, is it a big deal? Share your thoughts below – Legooo!