Ghanaian Entertainment Blogger Says Facebook Has “The Worst Customer Service In The World” – His Over I Million Page Taken Down Forever

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Chris Handler

One of Ghana’s rising entertainment bloggers, Chris Handler – Founder and Editor of online portal,, has described the customer services of the world’s largest social media network, Facebook, as “the worst in the world.”

Chris Handler, a close friend of Editor of, had in the past, shared his experience of how Facebook took down his over 1 million audience Facebook page – something it took him hard earned money to build to run his blog and for other businesses.

According to Chris Handler, he went back and forth with officials at Facebook through several appeals but all his efforts proved otiose – he’s lost his over 1 million page/account forever! Facebook gave him reasons for their action – but to Chris, even a toddler will not buy that for 1 cent.

Recent trial by ordeal Facebook is making Chris Handler go through has to do with a month suspension of his over 200k page – making it impossible for him to post links into the page to reach his audience. Though he’s sent several emails to officials at Facebook seeking explanations for the suspension of his page, the latter has not responded. He’s losing money! He’s losing traffic! He’s losing clients!

An absolutely hopping mad Chris Handler, thinks Facebook’s customer service is gradually losing art and philosophical abstraction and has therefore, poured his feelings.

“Facebook claims I caused people to engage with my posts unintentionally on the page and that violates a policy so they decided to punish the page for a month by taking off the ability to share links on it.

“In an email I sent to them, I asked them to point out just one single post they found fault with and show me the evidence and how exactly I made people engage unintentionally with it. Till now, they’ve not responded …….”

Chris owes Facebook but since no one throws good money over bad money, he’s decided not to honour payment. In a language of his own prestige, he insulted them for being ‘Siafuo’ (fools)!

“…..and you are sending me emails asking me to pay for my ads. Anka Makuaa kraaa. Siafuo. They have the worst customer service in this world.”

Chis handler also believes Facebook is taking its audience for granted because of loose competition from other social media sites.

“Enor be dema fault, Twitter and Google plus are not giving them that competition” he ended.