Ghanaian-Germany Based Tourism Promoter Calls For Safety Measures For Tourists Who Visit Ghana – Shares Her Bitter Experience Too

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Fatimah Adamu Suka

One of Ghana’s tourism giants in Germany, Fatimah Adamu Suka, has tasked government, the tourism minister, stakeholders in hospitality and the citizenry to protect tourists.

Due to recent robbery attacks faced by tourists on Ghanaian tourist sites especially beaches, Fatima has expressed concerns that there is a desire for tourists to visit the country but these tendencies post serious threat to them.

Fatimah Adamu Suka

She stressed that these practices do not put our tourism in good shape and will discourage investors and potential tourists from supporting the Ghanaian tourism industry.

She further stated that tourism if prioritized, can be a pillar in the State’s economic growth because the government generates a lot of revenue from this sector which is significant to development.

Fatimah Adamu Suka revealed that three tourists she encouraged to visit the country were attacked by thieves, the victims did not only loss belongings but secured some injuries. According to her almost every two weeks there are cases of tourist attacks in Ghana.

The unofficial Ghanaian tourism ambassador in Germany advised that policemen should be deployed to provide security at tourist sites especially beaches. She also urged people in the hospitality industry to protect their customers most importantly tourists.

She also stated that tourists should be informed about the safe and danger zones in the country and also the time to visit these sites.

Fatimah Adamu Suka over a decade, has been promoting Ghanaian tourism around the world. Her foundation, FRAGODA currently organizes one of the biggest culture and art festivals in Germany, dubbed Ghana Carnival, an event targeted at promoting Africanism.