Ghanaian Lawyer Poses As Gay To Fight Against Legalization Of Homosexuality

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Celebrity Lawyer, Maurice Ampaw, has posed as a “homosexual” in recent photo as his own way of fighting against legalization of homosexuality in Ghana.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw
Lawyer Ampaw

This follows President Akufo-Addo’s recent comments on homosexuality in an interview with an Aljazeera journalist – where he scored the point that Ghana’s culture is not yet opened up to the sexual orientation called homosexuality.

Controversial lawyer, Maurice Ampaw, has been captured in a strange photo understood to mock persons speaking against gays and lesbians.

On his official Facebook post, the celebrity lawyer posted a picture of himself as a stereotype of homosexuality captioned “say no to gayism”.

Gay Lawyer Ampaw

He had earlier posted on his wall, that, he did not vote for the President to come into office and support homosexuality and lesbianism.

“I did not vote for u to promote and support homosexuality and lesbianism. Natural men do have natural sex. men who are unnatural do unnatural carnal knowledge. Mr president if your father was a gay will he able to give birth to stop signing wrong signal that homosexuality can happen in Ghana.

He continued: “Lesbianism and homosexuality is a violation of the sexual right of men and women on Ghana. We will resist any attempt to legalise such evil act in Ghana. Your political career is at stake.

“Let all right thinking members of society send a strong signal to the president and members of parliament not to dare even raising the issue of legalization of the gay nonsense. The activism against gayism start now.”