Ghanaian-Produced Telenovela ‘Luciana’ Brings New/Promising Actors To Warm Your Screens – SEE PICTURES

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If you look at any successful show ever, there is that format of introducing you to the player in the beginning, and then going on to show those faces one will grow up knowing.

All prizes have a role, if they are run with integrity and with a clear focus on reading. I don’t think any of them as necessary, but they all play an incredibly important role in building a body of literature, in introducing new authors to new readers, new actors to audience, and extending viewership.

‘Art or anti-art’ was the question the producers asked when faced with casting for ‘Luciana’ had in deciding to stick to known faces and or bring in faces one calls new and they decided to abandon cliche and bring in new faces not just to give the new acts the opportunity to showcase what they have but to augment the efforts of the filmmakers.

The director believed introducing elements alien to norm as the only way out of a pictorial and chromatic dead end.

The producers said they are being tough in saying it is a duty on the new acts such as: Akosua Agyekum,Basira Mohammed,Alexander Chima Cyprian,Qwasi Blay Jnr, Augustina Twumasi,Mimi Buari,Ezu Mishiwo Priscilla,Churchill Hammond,Kofi Koranteng,Kwabena Appah etc not only to show pure talent but to be able to give and pave way for new acts to take up the stage.

The director, Kwame Kyei Baffour, agreed in principle with one of his mentors, Melissa Rosenberg that, In ‘Twilight,’ he was setting up the world. He was introducing the world, and he was also filming in a vacuum because he didn’t know who the actors were going to be.

But now, he is going to ‘New Moon’ and ‘Eclipse,’ and he could write specifically to them in his mind. So it becomes a more comfortable world.

He opined that, the fear most film producers have about giving chance to new acts is neither here nor there. He said, “The way these new chaps delivered the characters in the script made it impossible for anyone to tell who a pro was and who a newbie was on the set”

Basira Mohammed, the producer and one of the introducing cast said,  “For me, it’s important that as you’re introducing yourself, you show different dimensions.”

Alexander Chima Cyprian,  a lead cast revamping his career said,  “I don’t do film for the sake of film, I tend to only be in the film when I’m introducing something or collaborating on something or whatever it may be, as opposed to inviting someone into my world to photograph my closet for no particular reason.”

When asked the director what he thinks producers should do when they work with new acts, he said, “How you treat the new, raw, first timers and especially those revamping their career

types is the most important.

“If you leave them to sit in a corner, they will be noticed, and it will affect everyone’s time. I instantly spring on them and treat them as royalty, showing them around and introducing them to the world I want to create with them so they seem special.”

Luciana Telenovela is produced by Basira Mohammed and solely financed by Joe Osae of Ceejay Multimedia – one of the premiere production companies in Ghana. LUCIANA telenovela is set to be released in the early months SEE SOME PICTURES BELOW: