Ghanaians Display Crudest Racism At White Lady Married To Ghanaian Footballer Christian Atsu – – It’s A Big Shame For Ghana/Black Race

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The black race, has, before antiquity was born, cried foul for being suppressed, oppressed, persecuted, abused, and generally considered inferior by largely, the white race.

Racism – the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races, is a global pernicious and malign influence that is hard to get rid of, yet, must be condemned when exhibited by either race – whites or blacks.

Christian Atsu, the Black Stars player who is currently on loan to New Castle from Chelsea FC is married to a German, Marie-Claire Rupio and the couple seems to have defied all odds of racism to be together.

Having been together for the past 5 years, they have two very young sons who are the light of the family. The footballer, last week, wished his lovely wife a happy birthday – posted:

“I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful and supportive life partner like you .Thank you for coming into my life ,Every year with you is better than the last
Happy birthday to you my love

Unfortunately, his post was met with some uncouth remarks and a raw display of racism against Atsu’s wife. Below are shameful and condemnable comments (unedited) we sampled – plus, we embedded Christian Atsu’s post where you can read the over 2, 000 comments. Some posted matured remarks anyway – – check below:


ADi Sparta Gh Abaa Atsu so no Ewe lady or Ghanaian lady fine pass this or sake of her money wey umarry am.You should have married a GH lady and spend the money on her which some would reach her family and GH at large.

Safari X Rashid So Christian Atsu you just relax comfortably from your bedroom enjoying the Caucasian breakfast?whay the hell made you ignore all those black queens in your midst?what until she file a divorce case,the she wanna reduce you to a village peanut vendor.

Tawanda Masara: That’s the problem with blacks you run away from our beautiful African woman with our culture

Sefakor Rosy Patricia Eiiii so u mean, we the BEAUTIFUL, HUMBLE, FRESH ladies here in Ghana, u didn’t see us? Aaaaaa I’m very very disappointed in u. How could u? how could u? Anyway, HBD to her. 

Aliou Seck: The level of racism egoism & negativity in the comments made me so sick?. what a shame for human being) humanity has gone!

Samuel Kissiedu Is she from Sweden? Then wait till the money is finished then you’ll see her true colors . The story about two Ghanaian Sweden based players put behind bars reveals not all bkack players are safe with white girls. Why do african sports men go for white ladies when they are successful ?
Anyway happy birthday Mrs Atsu. God bless you to take good care of this great footballer.

Mohammed Wise Gh What a big disgrace, why Messi Ronaldo Suarez, and others are not coming for Ghanaian ladies, and we are always doing this

Kwaku Kyei-Mensah You guys should go on marrying/dating those white losers. A time will come when you’ll regret ever meeting her. I know you are aware of what’s happening in Sweden with your countrymen. All this woman gotta do is call the police and cook up a story. Bingo!!! You’re locked away forever with your lifetime savings transferred to her name. Wo de3 tena h) wae. Mtcheeeww…