Ghana’s Joey B Cautions Fans Against America’s Joey B Using Similar Name To Solicit Money For His Late Girlfriend

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Ghanaian rapper Joey B, has cautioned his fans and the public at large of another Joey B based in America who is using similar page name to solicit money from the public.

Narrating how he observed the page to, Entertainment enthusiast, Sitsophe Louis Boamah said:

“A friend of mine told me he saw a post on Facebook about Joey B asking people to use a GoFundMe page to donate money to support the burial of his dead drug addict girlfriend who also doubles as a model in USA.

“So I decided to check it out and truly there is a Joey B page which belongs to a self-acclaimed American rapper. What makes it interesting is he had a photo of our Ghanaian Joey B on his page, which had no caption, and the GoFundMe message as well.

“I commented under the pic asking why use our GH Joey B ‘s pic on his page which he replied that he never knew about the GH Joey B and that he was the only Joey B on Facebook. Some minutes later he added a caption to the Gh Joey B’s pic on his page that

“This is another scammer from Ghana using my name on Facebook to cheat fellas, y’all fans beware of this imposter.” It was to that effect that I also took to my timeline to clear Joey B GH’s name and make them aware.”

In a separate interview with Ghana’s Joey B, he told that, The little information I have is, the American dude is a rapper named Joey b too. You can check his page out. He is a white guy though. And he claims to give discount to other artiste who wants to feature him and other things. You will find more when you visit his page. He is verified too on Facebook.”

Eager to clear his name, Joey B has issued a disclaimer on his official page.

“There is another Joey B guy who is based in America and is asking fans to help donate money to help with his ex-dead girlfriend’s funeral…I announce that the supposedly account is not me in anywhere and I have seen other fans following thinking is me.

“Please if it’s not joey b Gh, Joey B fan page (verified) @1realjoeyb(Verified) both on Instagram (Verified) and Twitter then regard it as a FAKE account…Help Spread the news…Thank you!!”

Checking from the American Joey B (a Hip hop artiste) page, he posted:

“We are holding a fundraiser to celebrate the life of @mikkilikewoah who passed away on August 21st 2016 after a long battle with addiction. Mikayla was a human like no other, such an amazing soul.

“All money collected/raised will be donated to the @amywinehousefoundation to help combat addiction. We all know somebody who has either had to fight this battle or who is currently fighting. I’m so sick and tired of losing loved ones because we can’t find a cure for this crap!

“In addition to the #gofundme page we are also holding a live hip-hop event Saturday August 19th at @ward6socialclub in #lawrence all money from that event will also be added to the #gofundmecampaign and be donated.

“Please help us reach our goal any and all donations are beyond appreciated! Thank you so much in advance! Link—>