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Go Back to Your Husband! – Cecilia Marfo to Joyce Blessing.

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Cecilia Marfo startled the general public when she snatched the microphone from Joyce Blessing on stage. This took place during the annual Thanksgiving Service of the Unity Group of Companies.

Prophetess Cecilia Marfo, who was allegedly being controlled by the Holy Spirit begun to speak in unknown tongues. She also went on to say that Cecelia Marfo must return to her husband as that is the will of God for her life.

“My daughter, if you will listen to me, go back and take your marriage. I called you with love and so you should know the life you have is not yours. I’ve made you a queen so listen to me and go back to your husband. I’ve sent you already; lady, go and take your husband, my spirit is using you,” Cecilia Marfo prophesied.

It is rumored that Joyce Blessing and her management were displeased by this event. The Unity Group of Companies, therefore, issued an apology to her to keep tensions at bay.