God Was For Emotionally Disturbed People – Actor Turned Evangelist Majid Michel Reveals

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Lots of confusion emerged as the once Africa’s Best Actor, Majid Michel, turned his focus on spiritual duties leaving the creative arts industry in a consternated state.

The news of his initiation into the Christendom broke as a hoax — one of those news that normally don’t  get quick attention until backed by evidence, but pictures of the actor laying hands and preaching at church auditoriums was enough confirmation of his new found faith.


It seems nothing is shaking the actor-turned-pastor’s new found faith yet, as he reveals in a long Instagram post  a bit of himself before he purportedly found God – his initial take on the spiritual world and many intriguing and fascinating revelations drawing the lines between philosophy and spirituality. He posted:




Story by: Nana Kwame Buabeng