GOOD MOVE: Philanthropist Nana Yaa Frantomapa To Raise Funds To Save Neglected ‘Death Trap’ Schools With Her Frantomapa Educational Aid – All Are Invited

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In January, 2017, there was a terrible incident – some kids of Breman Jamera Methodist School lost their lives to a death trap school building which collapsed on them one morning when they settled down in the class to learn.

“I’m not sure anybody would wish this would happen to even his or her enemies but the truth of the matter is, if care is not taken, we might witness such unpleasant news again” Founder of Frantomapa Educational Aid, Nana Yaa Frantomapa fears.

Founder of Frantomapa Educational Aid, Nana Yaa Frantomapa

“This is because, there are hundreds of such school buildings still in Ghana which is putting the lives of about thousands of innocent kids in danger” she added.

From all indication, it looks like the government’s attention has been shifted to S.H.S for some time now and the poor state of the basic schools have been left in the lurch.

It’s in the light of this seeming neglect that Frantomapa Educational Aid has decided to contribute their quota to the development of our country – Ghana, hence, a charity concert to raise funds to renovate or rebuild such school buildings.



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I wish to state that the Founder of Frantomapa Educational Aid, Nana Yaa Frantomapa, is a personal friend and so I know her well. I know her well as a credible character when it comes to soliciting funds from the public for social responsibility works/initiatives.

I can therefore vouch for her sincerity and integrity – and thus, urge the general public to confidently make donations to this cause, knowing that your money will be used for the published purpose. We are also proud to be a media partner for this cause. Thank you.