Gospel Musician Diana Hamilton Charges Churches For Performing Cos “Word Of God Is Free But Bible Is Expensive” – She Says

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UK-based Ghanaian gospel singer, Diana Antwi Hamilton, has stated that there is nothing wrong with gospel musicians demanding a fee to perform at church services, saying gospel musicians, like labourers, are worth their wages.

The issue of gospel artistes charging a fee prior to performing at church events remains a contentious issue, with others arguing that as ministers, such artistes should not be seen to be commercialising the propagation of God’s word.

But Mrs Hamilton who disclosed that she worships with the Church of Pentecost said apart from her church where she would not “ask questions” if asked to perform, an invitation to sing at another church should come with some payment.

Speaking in an interview with Accra FM, the UK-based gospel singer said such fees demanded by gospel artistes also go to offset costs incurred in the production of tracks and for promotions on TV, radio and other media, in addition to putting such songs on CD.

“The word of God is free but the Bible is expensive. The medium through which the word of God is spread is not free,” she said.

She added that many persons inviting gospel artistes to their shows, when directed to see the managers of the artiste, always think it is all about the money. But she said this also has to do with other arrangements towards the programme to which the artiste is being invited – band, travel, location, among many others.