Gospel Musician Sonnie Badu Defends ICGC’s ‘Special-Seed-Sewing-Rate-Card’ – Says They Were Not “…Forced To Bring Their Money”

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Few days back, several commentators on social media expressed disappointment and shock at a ‘special-seed-sewing-rate-card’ designed for International Central Gospel Church’s (ICGC) ‘Greater Works’ 2017.

Those who are against Pastor Mensah Otabil’s church’s action have argued that blessings from God to the church members should not be pro-rated – whereby the more a church member gives, the more his or her blessing and vice versa. And that, it’s an argute way of extorting money from the congregation in the name of supporting God’s work.

Pastor Mensah Otabil

Just as the dust is settling on the issue, multiple-award winning gospel musician, Sonnie Badu, has resurrected the discussion by sharing artless opinion – stating that, to him, all those chiding the man of God and his church, “They did not see anyone being forced to bring their money” he said.

Sonnie Badu

Read his full thoughts below – as he posted on Instagram:

“I am not an ICGC member and I have not been told to do this by anyone but I would like to share my thoughts on this. Dr. MENSAH Otabil was not referring to all prophets. Firstly, as we all know, there are false prophets who have caused confusion in families and robbed them of many things.

“Secondly, with the issue that seems to be trending there are a few things to consider. 1) Those carrying and spreading the news were not actually present at the meeting —2) they did not hear the word that was preached —-3) They did not see anyone being forced to bring their money.

“The staple of our Christian walk and also of the church is FAITH. For all we know, those who went up could have been doing so as an act and demonstration of their faith. Therefore, According to their faith, so shall it be done unto them even as a double portion.

“I plead with the youth of Ghana let us learn to Honor and respect men of God if we want to succeed.. Dr Otabil is respected throughout the world, let us also do so .. pastor Mathew carries a unique anointing that yields blessings so when he challenged them to exercise their faith, it is completely biblical.

“Elijah told a widow to bring all she had and God rewarded her faith and obedience. As stated previously, I am not an ICGC member but I still stand for respect and honour when due. I cannot be quiet about this issue. These men of God should not be disrespected…”