Government is Displeased With British Airways – Rejects Plans to Shift Services from Heathrow to Gatwick Airport.

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The intentions of British Airways, an airline operator to change its London-Accra-London flight departure and arrival point from Heathrow Airport or Gatwick Airport has been rejected by the Ghanaian Government.

In a statement, the Ministry of Aviation disclosed that it had received an alert from the management of the airline stating that they intended to shift its British Airways Ghana Services from Heathrow Airport to Gatwick Airport. According to the alert, this was set to commence in the summer of 2021.

The ministry however made known its displeasure in a meeting with Joseph Kofi Ada, the then Minister of Aviation. They were highly displeased due to the fact that the Ghanaian authorities were not consulted regarding the decision that was being made.

Although the British Airways promised to give ample information and explanations concerning their decision, they have unfortunately failed to fulfill their promise so far. The Ministry of Aviation has also disclosed that it is being firm on its decision to reject the position of the British airline.

See below for full statement.

Press Release – Ministry of Aviation