Hanna Tetteh Throws Shade at African Leaders?

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Former Foreign Affairs Minister, Hannah Tetteh, who led under Former President Mahama’s administration has stated that recent elections held in Africa have been exercises in self-legitimization. It is likely that this is a shade she threw against African leaders who recently held elections that are disputed.

In her opinion, elections are an extremely necessary component of  the democratic process, they give the opportunity to the populace of a specific location to make choose a leader they deem competent.

She indicated in a tweet that the Africa we want will not be built on trampling citizens human rights, or treating those who contest as opposition candidates as enemies.

She also stated that an election process has no place for military influence on the choices of the people voting.

Her comment follows the fervent complains of John Dramani Mahama, leader and flag bearer of The National Democratic Congress(NDC) in the recent election held in Ghana. His complaints were about the use of Military in the just-ended election. Uganda’s election has been defaced by such irregularities as well.