Health Benefits of Garlic and Why it Should be Part of Your Diet

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According to Hippocrates, “Nature itself is the best physician.” Garlic is a wonderful perennial plant of the amaryllis family. Botanically, it is considered to be a vegetable. However, other than give a pleasant aroma and taste to food, human research has proved that garlic does indeed have medicinal properties and essentially, health benefits.

Garlic Can Clear Up the Common Cold.

Among the many sicknesses that garlic is known for helping to combat is the common cold. Adding garlic to your diet is likely to be beneficial if you do catch a cold.

Garlic May Help Increase Your Lifespan

Due to ability of garlic to help reduce blood pressure as well as combat infectious diseases. And as these are common causes of death, especially among the aged, it is highly possible that the consumption of garlic will increase your longevity.

Garlic Can Improve Performance in Athletes.

In earlier times, garlic was used to widely used as a performance enhancer especially among laborers. Although a few human studies have been done, there is absolutely no harm in trying.