Hilarious: Watch How Actress Yvonne Okoro Struggles To Say ‘Elbow’ In Twi – Perversion At Work

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Yvonne Okoro

Actress Yvonne Okoro, had the spotlight on her as a guest on happy-go-lucky TV show ‘ATUU’ hosted by broadcaster/tourism advocate, Abeiku Santana – and she had it tough mentioning elbow in the Twi language.


The actress, who shared her thoughts on growing up, education, acting, entrepreneurship, the current state of the movie industry, and the unbridled rumours about her over the years, gave a good impression of herself as not only a blunt-circle actress, but a great thinker.

She told Abeiku Santana on the ‘ATUU’s show’ aired on UTV that currently, the movie sector is faced with unsolved challenges for so long as compared to before.

“The movie industry now does not have enough producers and finance. It’s all because there’s no money in the industry lately. The actors and actresses have now turned into producers, which shouldn’t be so” she bemoaned.

Though there’s always the perception that the Nigerian movie industry is doing better than Ghana’s, Yvonne Okoro begged to differ. “They are not doing anything too special. Only few producers are doing well, and it’s those we see and think they are doing something great” she opined.

She added that, it will not be advisable for up and coming actors and actresses to take film making as their full-time jobs, stated:

“There should be something aside acting you can perfect at. Acting does not fetch money in Ghana right now……. I’d advise these up and coming actors to go to school, get a constant paying job and maybe do acting for the passion of it.”

On what she does as an additional stream of income aside acting, the 33-year-old actress disclosed she is a real estate developer, a job she learned from her father. She is also a law student at MountCrest University College.

In one of the lighter side of their duologue, the ‘debased’ mind of Abeiku Santana, asked Yvonne to mention elbow in Twi. Pun was intended. Watch and crack your ribs up.