How to Have Fun Safely in the Midst of a Pandemic.

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Living through a global pandemic has taken a toll on people either mentally, physically or emotionally. Not getting to see friends and family is quite frustrating. But, it is still possible to have safe fun in your own way until things get back to normal.

1.You Can Play a Board Game.

Board games have been in existence for quite a while. Not only are they fun, and make you smarter, but they are completely safe and can be played at home with family. So, you can put your phone and gaming console away and have some bonding time with your family.

2.DIY Drive-In Movie.

Cinemas are closed due to safety precautions. But the good news is, you can have your own Drive-In cinema in the backyard of your home. All you need is the movie of your choice, a white sheet, a movie projector and the night sky and you are good to go.


Having a lot of time to ourselves has our mind whirring like a heavy duty machine. A fun way to organize our thoughts is to journal. So, light up some scented candles, play some smooth music and pen your thoughts away.