HURRAY: Embassy Of The Netherlands Celebrates Owner Of Bassinets And More, Naabia Boachie-Danquah

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The Embassy of the Netherlands in Ghana has celebrated Ghanaian female entrepreneur and owner of Bassinet and More, Naabia Boachie-Danquah, on their talented Tuesday hashtag.

Resorting to their official Facebook page, the Embassy, with much pride at the exploits of Miss Naabia Boachie-Danquah, posted:


It’s #TalentedTuesday! This week we have the owner of Bassinets and More, Naabia Boachie- Danquah.

Naabia, who is 32 years old and married with two kids, started bassinets and more a little over three years ago. As a result of her having to quit her job due to a complication with her second pregnancy. Even though she did not have an exit plan when she resigned from corporate life, she was determined to not stay at home and rely on her husband.

However, her little experience with business after her tertiary education at the University of Ghana did not prepare her for the journey she is on. Her experience in the corporate world helped her to push through the odds.

Bassinets and More started out as solely a bespoke rattan bassinet making company until she was pressured by a client in Kumasi to make her furniture. As the client had just completed her new home and wanted something different. In her words, something local, natural and custom. That was where the idea came to expand.

Bassinets and More designs and builds custom furniture based on budgets and also the specific area in which the furniture is to be used. The company consists out of a team of 10 carpenters, welders, upholsters and delivery drivers. According to Naabia, what makes Bassinets and More unique is their pricing and ability to make “foreign designs” here in Ghana.

Naabia’s advice to young entrepreneurs is that every day in the entrepreneurial journey is an experience but on hindsight, I would say be careful where you seek help from. Be it financial or advice. It is good to seek out help, but if not done carefully, you will end up diluting your concept. And yes, the journey is not glamorous. You need to wake up every day ready to put in the work.



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