INTERVIEW: Musician Wanlov Kubolor’s Romanian Mother Talks About Him – “I’m Very Proud Of Him” She Says – WATCH

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Musician Wanlov Kubolor became popular in Ghana’s showbiz industry about a decade ago with his hit song ‘Kokonsa’ and the wearing of a skirt/wrapper with no underwear, no footwear, as his fashion sense.

Wanlov Kubolor has over the years exhibited strikingly queered manners that beats rationale comprehension. He’s shown his penis on live television, snapped naked pictures and shared on social media, insulted Nigerians through music, called God a gay, called on God to make him a gay, said he wants to live in solitude in the forest, traded chilly words with colleague musicians, chastised politicians, pooh-poohed revered pastors, among other conducts loured on by the average Ghanaians.

For those who may not know, Wanlov Kubolor’s father is a Ghanaian but his mother is a Romanian by name, Felicia Owusu Bonsu. Much have been heard of Wanlov’s father – a pastor, but less of his mother in the media.

Searching on videos on YouTube, the team chanced on an interview female broadcaster Delay, had with Wanlov in which mother of the latter shared her thoughts on her son and how proud she is of his exploits in the music and showbiz industry.

We found her thoughts on Wanlov, marriage with his father, and life in general intriguing and so, we share with you. WATCH BELOW: