Joe Frazier Describes Shatter Wale’s ‘Womame Tw3’ Song As ‘Borla’ – Song For The Dust Bin – Do You Agree?

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Plainspoken Hiplife musician, Joe Frazier, also known as the king of rhymes, who has for some weeks now, been on the case of some musicians for releasing songs he thinks are ‘borla’ (garbage or rubbish), has stated that Shatta Wale’s ‘womame tw3’ track (which also became known as WMT) as one of such ‘borla’ songs.

“Music is suppose to entertain, educate, inform and shape the society, so if we have majority of our musicians producing borla songs, we will only be building a useless society” Joe Frazier opined. Giving an example of a ‘borla song to back his claim, he continued.

“For instance, when an artist produces a song that insults a woman’s private part and we have children singing along with him, what sort of adults do we expect to have in future? Obviously grownups who would not respect womanhood” the ‘Yaa Maame’ hitmaker said.


When asked if he is by way referring to Shatta’s ‘womame tw3,’ song, he said yes. Joe Frazier also made the point that, “We’ve had veteran musicians who have today regretted singing songs with vulgar lyrics but like pigs, most young ones of today are refusing to learn from their mistakes.

“Music feeds the soul so if you keep producing ‘borla’ vulgar songs, the soul will have no option than to accept it – that’s why we are all dancing to useless songs since that’s the only option.” To him, “Most of the songs being produced today end up is the garbage “Borla” bin within three months but till date, I still listen to Phil Collins, Joe Thomas, Nana Ampadu, Kojo Antwi and it still edifies me because they produce timeless songs.


Joe Frazier promises to drop another single before Christmas this year. You may search for Shatta Wale’s ‘womame tw3’ and listen for yourself and see if you agree with Joe Frazier or not.