King Of GH Satire KSM Shows His New TV Series Come 21st October – Get Full Details

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Famed Ghanaian actor, satirist and television host, Kwaku Sintim-Misa is preparing to premiere his new romantic comedy series labelled Odo Wahala.

The series is based purely on relationship problems between spouses, and also cheating partners.

Odo Wahala takes a different turn to how relationship cases filed at the court are settle as judge Yaa Anima Misa Gyampo uses a live-video conference call.

She listens to both the Plaintiff and defendant, and in the end, decides which party deserves all the fairness.

The series stars various notable screen faces like Prince William and more, the first episode airs on Sunday, October 21 on Adom TV and each Sunday. Watch a snippet from the Odo Wahala below.