KKD and Tommy Annan Advised It’s Unprofessional for Broadcasters/Presenters To Announce Commercial Break During A Show – Check For Explanation And See If You Would Agree

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Two Ghanaian authorities in the fields of broadcasting and communication, once advised Ghanaian broadcasters/presenters to adhere to one of the basic injunctions in TV or radio presentation; “Don’t announce commercial breaks” –but, the practice goes on till date.

Kwasi Kyei Darkwah, popularly known as KKD The Finest, once revealed on ‘Allo-Tigo’ – an entertainment show on Metro TV hosted by Jon German, that, it is unprofessional to announce commercial break in broadcasting – television or radio.

KKD The Finest

Jon German who has over 10 years of experience in both television and radio broadcasting, did the honorable thing by admitting that he has never heard or read about such injunction in broadcasting. KKD made the point that the commercial, is part of the show/program so there’s no need to be announcing it.

Broadcasters – radio and television in Ghana, still announce commercial breaks on air. Once ace broadcaster, Mr. Tommy Annan Forson, who has over 30 years’ experience in broadcasting – also Founder of RABODEF (media training school), shared same professional thoughts too.

“It is absolutely unprofessional for a broadcaster to announce commercial break (s) on air or while hosting a program” said Tommy Annan Forson. When asked why it is unprofessional to do so, he explained, “It’s because the commercial break is part of the program! It is embodied in the program so it is not necessary announcing it every short while.”


He suggested what broadcasters can do: “You can say, ‘We will be right back, stick and stay, stay tuned, or just show the advert or play the commercial without any announcement. Any of them is acceptable!!”Uncle Tom as he is affectionately called, disclosed that he’s tired of repeating this advice to broadcasters in Ghana because, “Currently everyone is pretending to know in the industry.

“If you try to correct people, they say you are too known. It’s very unfortunate how broadcasting is losing its professional standards in Ghana.”

Tommy Annan-Forson – teaching at RABODEF

Uncle Tom has trained broadcasters such as Mercury Quaye, DJ Awana, DJ Advisor, Kwaku Obeng Agyei, Sammy Forson, Isaac Kalegi and others.


The big question we at are asking today is, do you agree with this professional broadcasting injunction? We will be glad to hear from broadcasters on radio and TV.