DID YOU KNOW: Senegal Studied And Adopted Ghana’s Copyright Law? Yes They Did

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All is definitely not well in Ghana’s music industry yet – but, we do have something that others do tap from and as a nation of arts, we should be proud of that.

Though players in Ghana’s creative arts industry always cry out loud – creating the impression that all is lost, Senegalese musician, activist and entrepreneur, Didier Awadi, thinks otherwise. To Awadi, Ghana has a music industry with good structures.

Awadi noted that the model of the Ghanaian music industry inspired the Senegalese music industry – a typical example was the fashioning and promulgation of their Copyright Law. Presspeep.com refreshes your mind on what he said.

“We have been really inspired by the Ghanaian model and experience of the music industry. When we talk about copyright laws, Senegal took a lesson from the example of Ghana and that’s how we have our new law and society for copyright today. I think the business is organized here” he said amidst giggles.


Didier Awadi strongly advised Ghanaians to protect our Highlife genre, “You have nice music genre which is Highlife. Don’t let it die. Promote it. That is the key of success. That’s my advice! Keep it! Protect it! Make it shine every day! You have to be inspired by your own culture” he said in his sojourn to Ghana – hosted by Okyeame Kwame.

Didier Awadi is the most visible figure of Francophone West African Hip-hop. His contribution to structuring the musical sector in Senegal is perceptible through his label, recording studio (Studio Sankara) and Event Company.

As a matter of fact, Ghana is one of the few countries in Africa that has a well drafted Copyright Act 690 (2005), Copyright Regulation, 2010 (LI.1962) and an independent CMO – Collection Management Organization, GHAMRO.

The rest are either in their preparation stages, or still trying to tighten their Copyright Laws. So for once, let us be proud of ourselves and bear in mind that all is not yet lost. The grass is also greener at our pastures – let’s graze it whilst we improve.