Koforidua SDA College Bans Muslim Worship On Campus – The Reason Will Make You TUMBLE

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Management of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) college of Education in Koforidua-Asokore in the Eastern region has temporary banned Islamic Worship on Campus. The decision by management of the College which according to sources was taken in the last quarter of 2016, has sparked disapproval by the Muslim students.

The Consequences

Information gathered indicates, the Muslim students are ireful explaining that, they are unable to observe their religious obligations which is affecting their spiritual wellbeing.

Their fear is that, Muslim students may be restrained from participating effectively in this year’s Ramadan should this ban remains. Parents of the affected Muslim students are livid about the decision hence want the leadership of the Muslim community to address the problem.


The Eastern regional Chief Imam, Alhaji Suleman Amudani has been verbally petitioned to ensure that Management of the College rescinds the decision.

The regional Chief Imam confirmed that, he has been informed about the College’s decision hence steps are being taken to meet management of SDA College of Education for ascertain the facts on the ground to inform the next line of action.

Reasons For Ban

Management of SDA College has howeher explained that, it has suspended all religious congregations or group fellowship on campus including Islamic worship, but students have the freedom to individually worship on campus whenever the College has no official religious programs.

Management said the decision was taken following continuous insubordination by non- Adventist students particularly Muslims in participating in SDA Church activities. The Muslim students reportedly go into hidden whenever the College organizes Mass worship Saturdays in accordance with SDA Church faith.

Management say, SDA College of Education is an Adventist institution therefore students who accepted admission to the institution are obliged to obey all religious activities of the SDA Church regardless of religious difference as spelt out in the Code of Conducts of the institution.


Meanwhile, a Committee has been set up by the College to come out with a proposal to address the problem hence until the Committee lays before management recommendations for the way forward, the ban still remains.