KSM Interviews Director Of Northern Movie ‘Pieli’ – Tipped To Represent Ghana In Oscars 2018 – WATCH OUT!

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The king of satire, KSM, will be hosting the director of Northern (Dagbani) movie titled ‘Pieli’ which is being tipped to represent Ghana for Oscars come 2018.

A 14-member committee has been formed to oversee the submission and selection of a Ghanaian film for the Oscars – spearheaded by Ghanaian filmmaker of international repute, Leila Djansi.

The basic qualification for the foreign language Oscar category film is that, the film must be in a Ghanaian language and capture the true essence of Ghana as well as meet world filmmaking standards.

The Presspeep.com team plus other industry players started an advocacy – drawing the attention of the committee to consider selecting ‘Pieli’ to represent Ghana. The message caught KSM’s attention who then decided to host director of the movie popularly known as OBL.

OBL sits with KSM to talk about growing up in the North, passion for movies, decision to produce movies – though he’s never been to any film school, how he quit his professional work as a nurse to follow his passion, challenges in producing his movies, and the prospects for Northern movie industry.

So stick with Metro TV today Friday, 16th June, 2017 at 9:00 PM as KSM interacts with OBL, and also, hosts a young man believed to be the youngest scriptwriter in Africa. Don’t miss this “mind-boggling” interview as KSM always puts it.

Watch Trailer of ‘Pieli below:

 ‘Pieli’ – Storyline

‘Pieli’ – the rise of Montana’ is an adventure movie set in the early 1900s about a young man who realizes the sad reality that not only is he not of the family he has known throughout his existence and has grown to love so much.

But also, he is the only surviving child of a powerful clan (Chinto Clan) that perished in the hands of an immortalized warrior (Montana) who long pledged to annihilate the entire clan. With the resurrection of this ancient warrior, this young man must find a way to not only save his self and the rest of his clan but he must also find out the real reason for this enmity.

The Production

Aside the intriguing storyline, is the spellbinding plot of the movie. Acting was top-drawer! The camera works/shots were done with the precision of an engineer and the depth of a sage. Pictures are amazing, and sound is just excellent.

The stunts are great, Visual and special effects are too believable; complemented by the right setting and costume. The sub-title is simply appreciable! Watch a trailer of ‘Pieli’ below (the making of the movie is also on YouTube):


From my research, ‘Pieli’ had the highest nomination in Ghana Movie Awards 2016 – grabbing 5 nominations. Namely:

Visual Effects (Pieli) – Obi Studios, Discovery Adam-Abdul Hanan – Pieli, Best Picture (Pieli) – Leonard Kubaloe, Costume And Wardrobe (Pieli) – Yahaya Latifa, Make-Up And Hairstyling (Pieli) – Alhassan Ibrahim. It won Costume and Wardrobe – Pieli – Yahaya Latifa.