Lack Of Sexual Satisfaction Cause Of Many Divorces – Maurice Ampaw

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Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has cited lack of sexual satisfaction between married folks as the fundamental cause of high divorce rate in the country in recent times.

Speaking on Atinka TV’s Ghana Nie show, the maverick lawyer stressed that the alarming rate of divorce is due to the neglect of sexual needs of couples.

In his estimation, when married couples stop having intercourse for months or years, they tend to see themselves as separate individuals or perhaps siblings. Hence, the bond that keeps them excited and craving to stay closer to each other is broken. They reluctantly find new sources to entertain themselves by soliciting sex from other persons other than their spouse.

“Based on experience and research, I have realized that from 4pm to 5pm hotels and movie houses get full and the patrons are no other but married men,” he said.

Over 60% of church pastors’ marriage also collapse because they make excuses to satisfy their wives under the pretest of doing the work of God.

“These claims are based on research I have conducted personally as a lawyer” he averred.

He admitted that the high demands of work causes stress which often lowers libido of most men but was also candid on the dire attempt by young girls to seduce men with their attraction, spells and charms to divert their attention from their lawfully wedded wives.


Credit: asempafm