Landlord Of House Asamoah Gyan Allegedly Raped/Sodomized Sarah Kwabla In To Appear Before Court Come Thursday, 3rd August, 2017

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Mr. Mathew Banahene, the then landlord of the house rented by one Sarah Kwabla (making strong allegations of rape and sodomy against Blackstar captain Asamoah Gyan), is set to appear in court come Thursday, 3rd August to testify in the ongoing alleged extortion trial involving four persons – Osarfo Anthony, Chris Handler, Ekow Micah, and Sarah Kwabla.

Sarah Kwabla

On 26th July, seating should have continued but that could not happen because the Defence lawyers, Maurice Ampaw and Lampting Apanga, were not present when the case was called. The prosecution has delayed the trial unduly – making the judge, Ms Afia Agbanu Kumador, issue a final warning, that, should the prosecution fail to bring their next witness, the court will close their case and allow the accused persons open their defence.

That compelled the prosecution to bring in the then landlord of the house/room rented by Sarah Kwabla – in which Gyan allegedly raped and sodomized her. When asked who the next witness is, the prosecution told the court it’s Mr. Mathew Banahene.

Mr. Mathew Banahene’s Previous Account On Rape/Sodomy Allegation

Mr. Mathew Banahene had made some wild allegations on this case against Sarah Kwablah and others as far back as 2015 – 3 days before the case went to court.

Mr. Mathew Banahene

“She came to me with her mother and another woman and they said I should follow them to the police station to go and tell a lie against Asamoah Gyan that I heard him raping Sarah and that she was shouting and there was a struggle in her room,” Mathew Banahene, the former landlord of Sarah Kwablah, told News One.

 Mr. Mathew Banahene Made Extortion Claim

He added: “They begged me to tell the police that when Asamoah Gyan came to the house, I heard Sarah shouting and begging him not to rape her.

“I was shocked and advised them to stop the nonsense but they insisted that if I could help them with the lie, they would get an amount of 100,000 dollars from Asamoah Gyan and that they would give me 20 per cent of the money which is 20,000 dollars. I did not agree but she came back with Ekow Micah to beg me to help them nail Asamoah Gyan.”

Mr. Banahene Knows Nothing About Rape/Sodomy

“The truth is that I did not even see Asamoah Gyan the day he came here and I did not hear her shout,” Banahene continued. “I did not even know they had sex on that day so what she and her mother were asking me to do was strange. But I am not surprised” he ended.

Expected Prosecution Witnesses

Other prosecution witnesses expected to appear in court are: Nii Amarh Armateifio, one Randy, Asamoah Gyan’s lawyer, Kissi Agyabeng, and of course Asamoah Gyan.

Background Of Case

Mr. Samuel Annim Addo, Asamoah Gyan’s manager and complainant, told the court that Osarfo Anthony (Entertainment Journalist) was doing publications on the Gyan and Sarah Kwablah rape and sodomy allegations on online portal,

A witness in the case, Nii Amarh Armateifio, then working with Radio XYZ, approached Osarfo and Editor of the site, Chris Handler, and pleaded with them to stop the publication and that Asamoah Gyan is prepared to pay any publishing cost involved.

After agreeing on the publishing cost, Osarfo insisted the whole proposal be put on paper and signed; something both parties agreed on. On the day (29th July, 2015) Asamoah Gyan’s manager met Osarfo and gave part of the agreed sum, the police arrested Osarfo.

Unknown to Osarfo, Samuel Annim had reported him to the police – that, he (Osarfo) is attempting to extort money from Asamoah Gyan; so Sammy came along with the police to arrest Osarfo. According to Samuel Annim, Gyan’s lawyer, Kissi Agyabeng, directed him on the whole scheme of entrapment. To achieve what and for whose interest, Lawyer Kissi has failed to appear in court to explain till date.

Next Hearing

Trial continues on Thursday, 3rd August, 2017 at 11 am.