AT LAST: EIB Boss Bola Ray Meets His Die-Hard Fan And Promises To Mentor And Support Him

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At long last, die-hard fan of astute broadcaster Bola Ray, Frimpong Prince, met his mentor on Tuesday 2nd May, 2017 and has shared his experience with

It all started when chanced on a post by Frimpong Prince – Blogger/Editor of, who shared his admiration on how celebrities in the West, hobnob, surprise their die-hard fans with gifts or hangout with them – and ending, appealed:

“Me I want to hang out with Bola Ray so that he can mentor me on how to be successful.”

Less than an hour after the publication, Frimpong got in touch with Editor of and with fervour, expressed his appreciation for the publication – and after, announced that Bola Ray contacted him and promised to meet him.

Tuesday, 2nd May, 2017. Frimpong met Bola Ray, a man he has admired from afar all his life at GH One office at 2 pm. Frimpong shared few on what they discussed.

“Yeah I just came back. He started by saying I should tell him about myself since I already know him. He didn’t ask why you did the story but he said he got in touch because it trended. He knew my name and my blog from the story” Frimpong said.

On mentoring, Frimpong continued:

“He said he will help me in my blogging journey. He asked me about what I needed to succeed and I told him his guidance, motivation, and inspiration are all I need. Basically mentor me and give me the support I need.”

On how he will do that, Frimpong said Bola gave contact of one of his media coordinators – also a respected Arts Writer, Obed Boafo.

“He gave me Obed Boafo’s number for me to link up with him and see the way forward. He invested some money into my business. He said he will be monitoring me as well” Frimpong ended.

According to Frimpong Prince, he was slightly star-truck – making him feel nervous, but Bola’s positive vibration, calmed his nerves within few minutes. He also added their duologe was curt due to Bola’s busy schedules.

Once again, The editorial team at are grateful to Bola Ray for reading us, taking the publication serious, and ready to put a smile on the face of a young man who look up to him and considers him an inspiration.

Bolay – may you continue to be blessed and keep being a blessing unto others. Once again, Frimpong is grateful and we are honoured for the attention. Live and let’s live.