Lawyer Maurice Ampaw Warns Ghanaians To “Change This Government, Or Regret Maintaining Them”

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Popular Ghanaian lawyer, Dr. Maurice Ampaw, has shared his political views with on the forthcoming general polls – stating that, Ghanaians should vote the current government out or regret retaining them for another 4 year term.

According to Dr. Ampaw, he is for change – a shibboleth most people who are not in favour of the current government keep chanting. “I’m for change, nothing more, and nothing less. It will be unfair to allow the NDC to continue” he told in his opening remarks.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Continuing with the interview, he made the point that Ghanaians should stick to our tradition of not keeping up any government beyond 8 years – though the Constitution of Ghana does not affirm so. “We must follow the tradition of changing parties every 8 years. Because of the winner takes all, we should not allow one party to be in power for more than 8 years” he said.

In his usual haranguing tone, he stated that “Ghanaians will regret voting Toaso!” He added, “I call on all my fans and the people of Ghana to change this government! We must thank the president for his stewardship but must know that change is inevitable!”

Referring to past events, he touched on how the president handled the ever popular Montie 3 saga – which to him, makes Mahama a bad leader. “With the way Montie Trio were pardoned, the insults, arrogance, and opulence lifestyle of government appointees is sickening! We risk more exploitation of our money!”

Ending, he told that, “We should not allow few cronies of president Mahama to enrich themselves while majority of our people wallow in poverty! Change is a must and at all cost!” As to which political party he thinks Ghanaians should usher this government out and usher them in, he did not declare.