LOL: GH Actress Khareema Aguiar Spits On Men Who Use Children Of ‘Born-One’ Women As Baits To Love Them – But Run Away After Tasting The Coochie – Vicky Zugah Joins The Discussion Too

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Ghanaian actress Khareema Aguiar has raised a very sensitive subject worth discussing – and it all has to do with how some cunning guys, use children of ‘born-one’ (ladies with children outside wedlock) ladies, as baits to woe the hearts of such ladies.

Khareema Aguiar is reported to be a proud mother with 2 children – but no report of her having married ever before; though a man could be in there playing with her thick cakes.

Something is on the actress’ mind, perhaps a victim to it – and it has to do with how some guys ride on kids of ‘born-one’ ladies (no pun intended) to win their hearts. Opening the subject up, Khareema asks rhetorically, “But why do guys think they can get to you by simply faking to love your kids?”

Before any answer could drop in, she expanded her thought: “Then the next thing you hear is how are the kids when they chatting you, dude can you just maintain convo between just us…”

She then gets to the stage were one can be right she is actually sharing her experience as a ‘born-one’. “I’m not letting any guy close to my kids then next thing you know, they run away then you look stupid in front of them kids. Kids be like….another dad again? Hope he stays” she ended

The ‘Checkmate’ actress then hands the baton to another proud mother of one outside wedlock, actress Vicky Zugah. Vicky shares a thought too. Read below:

Thirty (30) year old Khareema Aguiar is known to be dating 22-year-old Gershon Koffie, a Canada-based Ghanaian midfielder who plays for White Caps in Vancouver.

Though the actress refused to clear the air on her relationship with Gershon, saying her career should be talked about and not her love life, the audacious actress, made a U-turn to confirm her relationship status with Gershon Koffie.

“Ghanaians think I am denying him, no I’m not denying him, he is my boyfriend and I love him very much, people should let us be. I have heard comments saying because I have issues so I am trying to be smart by not coming out open.

“Now I am out here speaking so you all should listen and listen good, Gershon is very happy with me and I am extremely happy with him. We are friends, he is my confidant and my number one fan, so I am not denying him…

“But there are kids out there who need support and much attention must be given to them. I have now spoken and that’s what it is, I love my man, so now leave us alone and give the aged some attention and care, they need it,” she said.

Gershon also first went public with his relationship when he once visited Ghana during the Christmas holidays. “My girl is the reason I’m here. She is an actress,” he told Nana Aba Anamoah on the Diva Show on TV3 without mentioning the name of the actress in question.

“I have only one favourite actress, who is my girlfriend. In fact, we are dating seriously and she is Khareema Aguiar,” he finally said on GH One’s E-Talk show. Khareema has also confirmed they are dating but none of them has spoken about marriage.