Meet 7 Personalities In Ghana Who Are Always Heard Loudly In The News For Weird, Silly, Or Simply Controversial Speeches/Conducts

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”If you’ve got a big mouth and you’re controversial, you will get attention” – Simon Cowell. This quote couldn’t be more candid. It’s a truth we see every day and if our exaggeration isn’t on the rise, we think Ghana has a perfect fit of personalities who have obtained massive recognition by their weird, silly, or simply controversial speeches or conducts.

Presspeep.com presents to you, at least for now, names of these 7 personalities in Ghana – beginning with the very maverick Counsellor Lutterodt.

1. Wanluv Kubolor

He’s weirdness personified and fells proud about it. Though the son of a reverend minister, he fears not God. You may be wondering why there are gays but to Wanluv, God is a gay or has traits of gayness in him, that is why we have some humans who are gay too – highly logical though.

Wanluv as Adam in the Bible

Anytime you must hear about Wanluv, it has to do with controversy and he does it to perfection, damn the consequence! He is the only musician, perhaps, the only human being in Ghana who walks bare footed and wears no underwear (boxers).

His pe.nis is like the size of an okro, but if you dare him, he will proudly show it to you – yes, he once showed it on live TV when he was provoked. He insults God, the president of Ghana, fellow musicians, media, in fact anyone at his own time.

Wanluv showed his okro pe.nis on TV

It’s very obvious what makes him happy is weirdness, silliness, and controversy. Even if he saves a human life and you want to report it, he can ask you to hold it and rather report on how he intends to impregnate women from all the different contents in the world. Just keep your fingers crossed – he will become louder again for one silly conduct or speech.

2. Counsellor Lutterodt

Call him whatever you may; insane, unprofessional, ignorant, King of absurdity – but you just can’t stop his controversial and outspoken nature. He is known for his interesting yet provoking assertions and opinions on issues regarding marriage and relationship at large.

Counsellor Lutterodt

Arguably the most popular counselor in Ghana, he seems to have transformed himself into a powerhouse of relationship and marriage matters, contrary to the very absurd comments he normally spew. He has gained enough recognition from the Ghanaian populace. Hate him all you like but the man is in his prime – saving for himself some cash.

He claims he started dating at age 27 with 32 ladies without touching any of them sexually, crazy huh? He claims ladies who have pre-marital sex are prostitutes – tongue in cheek you may term it but he spoke so anyway.

He claims wearing a promise ring is a curse and that unmarried men are useless. Huh!
He claims it’s advisable for ladies to have multiple partners as they desire, to enable them build their capacity. We nearly forgot – he’s not only a counselor. He’s a Reverend too.

Anytime you must hear or read loudly on Counsellor Lutterodt in the news, it has to do with weirdness, silliness, or controversy in his speeches or conduct – he cares less about what you think anyway.

3. Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger – a Comedienne, TV and Radio personality cum actress, came to the public eye when she played the lead role in the popular TV series, Afia Schwarzenegger.

Afia – – feeling too silly and wanted the world to see her boobs

Talk of outspokenness, she’s the queen. Her weird and controversial nature has gained her lots of public attention and opportunities as she poses immense confidence in her utterances even when they are offensive.

She keeps moving to higher heights irrespective of her irritating and provocative nature — as she has worked with 3 most powerful media conglomerates in Ghana, namely: EIB Network (Kasapa FM), Global Media Alliance (Happy FM), and the Despite Group of companies (UTV and Okay FM).

She wore nice G-Strings and wanted the world to see it.

She’s a hell fire you dare not mess with. She can literally put her personality aside and bath the gutters with her perpetrators. You will never hear about Afia Schwarzenegger in the news or press, unless it has to do with weirdness, silliness, or controversy.

Afia and hubby – -both are simply crazy

4. Bishop Obinim

Bishop Daniel Obinim, one of the many controversial “Men of God” in the nation.
He vaunts and touts himself as Angel of Ghana. In fact, he claims he is the next in command after Jesus Christ. You dare not challenge his spiritual claims.

Jesus instructed Obinim to lie on a married woman and deliver her

He has made very fascinating statements which grabs several attentions to his doorsteps with the popular ones being – when he claimed he can transform to any figure in the spiritual realm both living and non – living things. Yes he did!

When Obinim turned into a dog in the spiritual realm

He’s the same man who told his congregation that he can appear in their dreams and urge them to refer to him as Angel Obinim – none contested him. He even promised to send mobile money to them through the spiritual realm and his congregation gleefully believed and cheered him up to that. He has been mentioned in so many activities not befitting the title, Bishop, he was ordained for.

Angel Obinim doing his spiritual works

In a close up interview with award winning broadcaster, Deloris Frimpong Manso, some years back, he boldly confirmed how he continuously had sexual bouts with one of his juniour pastor’s wife.

He willingly exposed how his wife’s coochie has turned into a manhole – hence his loss of taste for it and so resorted to extra marital affair with his junior pastor’s wife.

Obinim and wife, Florence Obinim

Karma is a bitch and certain. Bishop Obinim, is currently facing trial for flogging two of his church members– male and female (before his huge congregation on live TV) for having affair under his very nose. He has powers – so he may make the case a foolish one. We live to see.

Obinim and one of his pastors on arrest

The next time you will hear about Bishop Obinim, Presspeep.com can bet with our lives that it will surely be about a weird, silly, or simply controversial speech or conduct – mark today’s date, 9th January, 2017, down. You shall refer to it.

5. Mzbel

She’s a musician and a promising one at that. But trust us, music is not what has made Mzbel a celebrity or famous – its controversy. From her days of ’16 Year’ hit track, University students fingering her on stage, armed robbers gang raped her, till date, you won’t wake up and hear about Mzbel for the good reason.

If she speaks – its controversy; takes pictures – controversy; dances – controversy; just anything she does, generates bad press. Google her name and 90% of links that would pop up are negative reportage. Does she care? No! Is she making waves? Yes!

After 30 years, she’s not married but says she will never marry because she does not want ‘control’ from any man. To her, the story of Jesus Christ is nothing but a myth – call her Anti-Christ, she still stands by her assertion.

Even if she does the good thing, many would rather core out the bad and spread it. She has a thick skin to withstand public odium – you may have committed suicide if you were her. Currently there’s no news about Mzbel, but the next you will hear about the name Mzbel, it will certainly be about something silly, weird or controversial. You may come for a bet on this.


6. Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale, at least for now, is the most outspoken, audacious and controversial musician the nation knows. With a disappointing career as Bandana, he didn’t throw in the towel but bounced bigger – having metamorphosed into Shatta Wale.

King of Dancehall in Ghana/Africa

You know the saying; a hungry man is an angry man? The musician who has been obviously starved of stardom, began taking swipes at anyone he deemed a threat to his cause and progress – he starting with his compeer, Samini.

Shatta Wale and Samini


His call back to fame, relevance, and prominence, was on the back of weirdness, silliness, and controversy. His derogatory comments at Charterhouse (organizers of VGMA) and female dancehall musician, Kaakie, drew many fanatics to him who thought his song once deserved the award for Dancehall Song of the Year and not that of Kaakie’s.

Shatta and Kaakie

He later apologized to the organizers and won the ultimate Artiste of Year the next year. Having had his way, he came out to sell the plagues for as low as 2 Ghana Cedis – disrespecting the award and its organizers.

His disastrous fall out with his manager, Bull Dog, exposed his very complex, controversial yet charismatic nature. You do remember his “Wo Maame Tw3” song he did? Clear your throat! You remember the ‘Biegya’ Criss Waddle brouhaha too?

Shatta Wale and Criss Waddle

Shatta Wale has had countless misunderstanding with all entertainment industry players, from; video directors, event organizers, MCs, presenters, his own die-hard-funs/followers, entertainment pundits, bloggers, etc.

He’s too silly – he prefers that to being called a gentle man, because, being gentle will force him to behave well – he will never feel comfortable in that tag. Weirdness, silliness, and controversy – are his tools and pride to fame, relevance, and prominence.

7. Honorable Kennedy Agyapong

He’s a Member of Ghana’s Parliament – a law maker for that matter. He’s called by the title Honourable – and he’s too vulnerable. You dare not step on his toes, irrespective of your stature or status, he will pay you in the same or more ransom.

Honorable Kennedy Agyapong

Despite his lash outs to his colleague politicians including his party (NPP) faithfuls, he still continues to reign at his constituency (Assin South). If you have a smelling mouth, he will tell you in the face and in public. If you have a pungent body odour, he will insult you with it in public. He has done all that before when he was provoked.

He is a humanist and does many charity works – but you will never hear about such gestures, until he descends lower into the ‘animal’ species and portrays weirdness, silliness, and controversy via conducts or speeches. As we end here – – he is busy preparing for a new one. Keep your fingers crossed for that.


Life can be very absurd and a complex assignment to work out. Close associates to the aforementioned personalities, will tell you that from afar, you may despise them, hate them, condemn them or form negative opinions about them – but in reality, they have clean hearts, are generous, and fun to be with.

We therefore conclude that lets not be too judgmental – whatever you are, accept it, live it, better it, and just be you – for in every bad bargain, you can make good out of it. Keep Presspeep.com everyday – – Legooo!!



Story by: Nana Kwame Buabeng