Meet Northern Blogger Jagbesie Suliah Jibriel – Graduate Of NAFTI – Founder/Managing Editor Of Showcasegh.Com

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Congratulations are in order for our brotherly-blog Founder/Managing Editor, Mr. Jagbesie Suliah Jibriel, aka Facebook Assemblyman, for graduating from the National Film And Television Institute (NAFTI) as a ‘new-born’ Journalist to the industry.

Jibriel is a 23 year old creative writer from Tumu in the Sissala East District of Upper West. He started blogging at age 14 when he first set up a blog for his late father, Dr. Suliah Sulemana Jagbesie who was a Veterinary Surgeons and former Assistant Principal for the Pong-Tamale Veterinary College.

His first blog that partnered his dad was used to advocate Livestock and Animal Production. Jibriel’s father realized writing was the future for his son so he encouraged him to take a Broadcast Journalism Certificate course at NAFTI to improve on his writing skills in 2015.

After acquiring some skills in the school and an attachment at former Viasat 1 TV station – now Kwesse TV, Jibriel decided to take part in the 2015/2016 badge of Diploma students to polish the small he had from the certificate course.

Jibriel and Actress Yvonne Okro

In 2015, he set up his first ever Entertainment blog ( which only focused on Entertainment in Ghana. Whilst he focused on his blog, he became a writer for

According to Jibriel, he believe his career was smooth even though it didn’t come easy. After some few months with Viasat 1, he moved back to school to continue his journalism career.

Jibriel and GH Multiple-awar winning Blogger Ameyaw Debrah

Jibriel in 2016, had the privilege to handle the social media pages for the 2016 Presidential Candidate for the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), Lawyer Ivor Kobina Greenstreet.

Jibriel and Locally and internationally acclaimed Afropop musician Becca

After the 2016 elections, Jibriel, upon traveling round the nation, realized most people in the country do not follow Ghanaian Entertainment industry nor even the outside world so he was determined to bring up his first ever registered blog ( where he focused more on Creativity and Lifestyle of Ghanaian celebrities.

Jibriel and award winning actor/comedian Kalybos

He was also given the privilege to write for ( same year. According to Jibriel, life has not been fair to him after he lost his father whom he saw as his mentor and motivator.

“After my dad passed, I was abandoned by my big siblings, those my late father took care of and made sure they had better places today. I have realized this world is a world of, cry your own cry and don’t disturb others. Since then, I told myself I will step up and prove to them that, I wasn’t going and will never depend on them.

“They had the privilege to be helped by someone and I’m just a young man striving for myself” He said with drop of tears from his sad looking face.

He is currently the Social Media Manager for Enak Consult – the producers of The Hard Truth Show on JoyNews Channel and The Mr and Mrs Show on JoyPrime. He is also the official social media handler for Nana Akosua Konadu host of ‘The Hard Truth’ on JoyNews as well.

“It is my dream to own a Multimedia company that will be far different from what we have in Ghana already. The plan has been drawn and nothing is going to change this plan. I’m just praying someone discovers me and comes in for business then all will be set” he ended.