Men Are Naturally Cheats Even Me – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw Shares

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Maurice Ampaw

“Men are potentially cheats and, myself, I have cheated on my wife before, although I’m legally married. So…I’ve cheated and I’ve confessed to my wife,” lawyer Maurice Ampaw disclosed on Class9 FM on Thursday 20 April during a discussion about whether or not men were naturally cheats.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

According to lawyer Maurice Ampaw, men are naturally adventurous and are always on the prowl for new conquests. “We don’t respect our bodies, we think that cheating is a trendy lifestyle: the more women you have the more your prowess. So you could see that young guys will chase women and boast about it,” he noted.

Mr Ampaw said some men change women daily and by the time they hit 40, would have slept with over 500 women. “I have a friend who can never sleep with a woman twice. If he has an affair with you, he tells me that he cannot erect for the second time,

“So he is always hunting for fresh girls. And we have men who have concubines all over the country…and we have men who naturally enjoy cheating because to them cheating is a way of showing that they are smart… So, naturally, there are so many reasons that men cheat but potentially men are cheats,” he stressed.

Mr Ampaw was also of the opinion that it only takes the grace of God for a man not to cheat, for which reason he believed traditional African society embraces polygamy. “Even in Islam you can go for four wives, but it is only in the Christian religion that we are being hypocrites,” he added.

Asked if he had cheated on his wife more than once, lawyer Maurice Ampaw said it was a difficult question to answer. He said cheating was a “spirit” and to be able to stop, one needed “deliverance” just as he had delivered himself.

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