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Morocco To Host 2022 Women’s Africa Cup Of Nations

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Morocco has officially been named the new host for the African Women cup of nations, the confederation of African Football (CAF) has announced.

The original host for the tournament was the republic of Congo (DRC) but they withdrew because of financial reasons as stated by the sports minister of DRC.

According to reports, South Africa passed the opportunity to replace the DRC as an emergency host, but they also declined and they stated they are rather focusing on the 2023 women’s world cup.

The tournament which started since 1998 was only cancelled last year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

This is the first time the North African giant will be hosting the flagship women’s competition on the continent.

Omar Khyari, a senior advisor to the royal Morocco football Federation says this ties in with the country’s ambitious plans to develop the woman game.

“We want this event to be a great celebration of Africa Football. The Hosting of this event comes at the right time for the FRMF, which is taking a significant step towards the development of women’s football in Morocco.